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Free PCS E-book: Go To Tool For Your Next Move

June 15, 2015 By: Laura Category: Finances, Military Life, Military Spouse, PCS Move, Pets No Comments →

 iStock_000002589393Medium house with boxes

Is a PCS move in your future? If so then you will need to take a look at the FREE PCS E-book. Learn all of the great tips the staff at MilitarybyOwner have shared in this free download. With over 15 years of experience helping military families with their real estate needs and the fact that most of the staff themselves are military dependents you can count on these tips to get you through your next PCS move.

The E-book shares tips on getting your home ready to sell or rent. The E-book also shares information on a key factor many of us forget when PCS’ing and that is setting a budget! This is a great tool to use along with your checklists to keep you on track during your PCS move.

Download your FREE PCS E-book here!

If you have received orders to the MacDill AFB area you will want to check out some of the great homes listed on the MacDill AFB base page of

If you will be leaving the area check out some of the other great resources available on moving such as moving with a pet, getting your vehicle move ready and what to expect with your pay check. The blog is loaded with great articles written by fellow military spouses.

Please share with out readers any great tips you may have on making a PCS move. Leave a comment in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

Are You Prepared? Hurricane Season 2015

May 11, 2015 By: Laura Category: Health, Military Life, Military Spouse, News, Pets, Self Improvement No Comments →

Are You Prepared?

The 2015 hurricane season begins on 1 June! Are your prepared? This is a great time to get prepared. It’s not a good idea to wait until a hurricane is headed to the MacDill AFB area to start assembling your disaster kit and plan. Being prepared is the best way to keep your family safe.

According to, this may be one of the least active storm seasons in years. That does not mean that one of the seven predicted storms could not cause severe damage here in the Tampa Bay area, so being prepared is a must.

Here are some ways to get prepared for the hurricane season.

  • You  want to pack a basic disaster supply kit to keep on hand not only for the hurricane season, but for any disasters that could occur. When packing your kit, make sure to include items for your pets and any extra guests that may need to evacuate to your home.
  •  Make a list of all the local agencies you may need to contact if a a disastrous storm should occur. Make sure to include the local emergency management office, the Red Cross, and your property insurance agent.
  • You’ll want to keep this information and all important legal documents along with medical cards etc.. in a water tight container with your disaster kit. You will want to include cash.
  • Plan a location other than home to meet if the family gets separated and going home is not an option.
  • Know the location of local shelters and if you have pets check to see which are pet friendly.
  • Know your children’s  school and daycare emergency plan.
  • Make sure to have copies of all prescriptions in your kit, and if you see a storm is a possibility get your prescriptions filled. This would also include your pets’ medications.
  • If you own a boat or water device, have a plan; and if you store these items at a facility make sure you know what policies are in place in regards to the care of your items.
  • Develop a plan that the entire family understands. You can download this Family Emergency Plan Worksheet to share with the family. Keep a copy in your disaster kit and maybe even in your car. Another great idea would be to take a photo of it and keep it as a file in your phone.
  • Know the FEMA guidelines for evacuating.
  • FEMA NOAA, the National Weather Service and Hillsborough County have a lots of great information on how to prepare for the up coming Hurricane season.
  • For those of you living in waterfront property or a flood zone, make sure your flood insurance is up to date.

Being prepared for the 2015 hurricane season will keep your stress level down should the MacDill AFB area be hit by one of the predicted storms. If you already have a disaster kit assembled, make sure you check that the items included are up to date. Here is to hoping we have a very quiet storm season!

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Making a PCS Move With Your Pets

April 20, 2015 By: Laura Category: Military Life, PCS Move, Pets No Comments →

It’s getting close to that time for those who are expecting PCS orders this summer to start finding out where their next assignment will be. It’s an exciting time and it’s a stressful time!


Some of you will be making a PCS move with your pet which can be stressful!

If you staying in the States and driving to your next assignment, then you will need to make sure that the pets will be okay in the car. Plan on making sure that food and water are available during the trip. You might consider giving them food and water when you stop for a break. For cats, you will need to make sure that their is litter box available for them. Plan on stopping a little more often to take dogs for a potty break. Cats may do better in a cage because they usually feel a little more comfortable in a more structured setting instead of letting them wonder around the car. Plus if you don’t put your cat in a cage, when you stop you will have to make sure that they don’t make a dash for freedom when you open the door.

If you are moving overseas, then you need to contact the veterinarian office at your next base for shots and quarantine information. Plus, you need to plan on paying to fly your pet. You can only claim quarantine costs for your pets. You will not be reimbursed for travel costs associated with your pets. Small animals like a cat or very small dog should be able to fly in the cabin with you, but you will still have to pay a fee. If the pets are going in the cargo hold, then airlines will only fly them when the weather will not be hot! This can be difficult if you have them fly during the summer months, but each airline will have its own rules. Immunizations and blood tests for your pets must be done on a specific timeline and are specific to where you are going, so check early with your base veterinarian for the requirements. You will find out your base veterinarian can be your best resource when preparing to move with your pet.

MilitaryByOwner staff writer Jen McDonald wrote an article about moving with your pet “Prepare Now to PCS with Pets this Summer” that you will find useful.

MacDill Happenings is brought to you by Militarybyowner Advertising, Inc., your resource for MacDill AFB Off-Base Housing!

Moving Tips You May Not Have Thought About

March 24, 2015 By: Laura Category: Military Life, Military Spouse, PCS Move, Pets No Comments →

Moving Tips

Moving Tips

The PCS moving season is almost upon us. For many of you in the MacDill AFB area this means getting prepared for the big move. Many of you probably already have a PCS To-Do List and use this as a guide to get you organized. It is easy to get caught up in the packing and organizing and forget about the little things. Here is a list of moving tips you may not have thought of:

  • Fill out a change of address. If you do not have a new address, then secure a mailbox at the post office or send to a relative or friend. You will want to turn this in a few weeks before the move.
  • Notify your utility services a few weeks prior to your move and secure those services at your new home.
  • Pre-order new checks with your new address.
  • Make a plan to get rid of flammable items. My family seems to always forget this step and then we are trying to hunt down a disposal site at the last minute.
  • Transfer your kids’ school records. This is so much easier if you do it while school is still in session and you can do it face to face.
  • Transfer or get copies of medical records and do not forget about your pet’s veterinary records. ( You should have these items in your luggage while traveling)
  • Make a plan of what you are going to have with you traveling. You should have all important papers, birth certificates, pass ports etc.. with you. Know how you are going to transport them and make sure you save room in the car or luggage for these items.

These are just a few tips that you may not have thought of during  your preparation. You do not want to be getting ready to drive out of town and realize you forgot Fluffy’s records! Do you have a tip to add? Please share it with us in the comment section below.

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MacDill Happenings Rainy Day Recap

February 28, 2015 By: Laura Category: Military Life, Military Spouse, PCS Move, Pets, Travel No Comments →

Rainy Day Recap

Rainy Day Recap

On this rainy Saturday I thought I would do a MacDill Happenings recap of some articles that have to do with PCS moving. I have noticed on social media a lot of people have started to get their orders and are making plans to head out to their new military installations. Enjoy these articles and get a head start on planning your PCS move. Here is your rainy Saturday MacDill Happenings recap:

Getting organized for your  move is usually the first step so take a look at these great articles on getting organized:

Once you get organized you may need to start looking at ways to sell or rent out your present home or purchase or rent a new home here are some great article to get started in that direction:

And finally some articles to help you reduce stress during your PCS move:

Besides these above article the resource page of MilitaryByOwner is full of great advice on these subject. Did you know if you go to the bottom of the home page of MilitaryByOwner and click on the state and base you will be transferring you can find information about the base and housing in that area.

Hopefully these articles will make this PCS season a little less stressful. I would love to hear where everyone is headed to on their next adventure so please leave a comment below. Also, please share what information you would find helpful when making a PCS move?

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