The Next Chapter: Downsizing

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The next chapter started 2 years ago when my husband retired after 28 years in the Marine Corps. Things did not go my way. I did not get to retire where I wanted, but coming back to warm Florida has been wonderful. But, now we have come to the next chapter. The youngest has graduated and will be flying out to Utah to attend college soon and the house will just be too big. So now comes the downsizing phase.

The husband and I have talked for years about how much fun it would be to live in an urban area where we could walk to restaurants and shopping. And so the hunt began to find that space. We had thought the Hyde Park area would be fun and had it all– shopping , restaurants etc.. all within walking distance but the perfect rental with the perfect price did not materialize. So as any good military spouse does I came up with a plan B! On to a new area and we found a beautiful brand new apartment in another area not as many restaurants but close to shopping and the price is right!


Now to the downsizing part. Yikes! But how do you go from 3,000 square feet house to 1,366 square feet apartment? It is exciting to think of ways to decorate the new space and it is nice to be moving into something brand new. But, as I was going through and deciding what to sell in our garage sale I started having second thoughts. My beloved antique buffet will not fit in the new space and my china hutch may not either. Where will I display my sangria pitchers!!!? I cannot imagine my buffet sitting in storage for a year or more, and I am hoping it will find its way to my son and new daughter-in-law in NC someday.

In the end, though, it was time to purge a lot of things. I finally followed my rule if you have not worn it or used in a year then it is time to get rid of it. Now that my closet is half empty it may be time to go shopping again! Since we are in the next chapter, this move is on us so purging will make the move so much easier and the shoppers at our garage sale got some amazing deals.

The boxes are almost all packed, my washer and dryer are on their way to my daughter’s new home (did I tell you how much I loved my singing  washer and dryer),  and we sign the new lease in a few days. As always, with every move I am excited and sad at the same time. But I look forward to this next phase in my life. Someday my husband and myself will decide what we are going to do when we “grow up” and finally put down roots but in the meantime we are going to enjoy this adventure.

This next chapter of the next chapter is just the beginning of many more adventures. Have you downsized recently? If so what were reasons and how did you handle it? I would love to hear your stories. Please share them here in the comments section or on our Facebook page. Just take a moment to Like us!

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Things to Do in the Tampa Bay Area

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It’s almost the weekend and there are plenty of things to do in the Tampa Bay area.  The weather should be fairly pleasant this weekend, but don’t forgot the sunscreen. Maybe just a quiet weekend at the beach is in store for you!

  • Today is the start of the four day long Metrocon! It will take place at the Tampa Convention Center. There will be some competition for parking on Saturday since Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals will also be going onat Amalie Arena on Saturday.You might wish to park in Ybor City and take the TECO streetcar to the Convention Center.
  • On Saturday on MacDill AFB, the Surf’s Edge club will host a Daddy/Daughter Dance from 6pm to 9pm.
  • Starting on Sunday and running till the 2oth, the Pro Shop at Bay Palms Golf Complex will have a Father’s Day sale with 15% off of any men’s apparel.
  • The Rays take on the White Sox on Friday for the start of 3-game series. The first pitch is at 7:10pm. They are giving out a Tampa Bay Rays MLB Network Reusable Tote bag before the game while supplies last. After Saturday’s game, there is free concert from country music star Lee Brice.
  • If you don’t have tickets to the hockey game on Saturday, then do the next best thing and go to Ferg’s across the street from Amalie Arena!
  • It’s Star Wars Weekend at Hollywood Studios at Disney World in Orlando. Get discount tickets at the MacDill AFB ITT or at Shades of Green.
  • On Sunday at 3pm, the Tampa Theatre will present the Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall classic movie “Key Largo.” Come early and wander around this historic theatre which was built in 1936.

If you have ideas for the weekend, please share it with us.

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Tampa Bay Lightning Watch Party

Courtesy of PintrustAre you a Tampa Bay Lightning fan? This Stanley Cup Playoff season is so exciting for the MacDill AFB area! Part of the fun in being a  hockey fan is enjoying the game with others who share your enthusiasm. It is so great that in this area we love to have watch parties. I’ve never been to a watch party but I am thinking the great events for this evening are too hard to pass up.

Get out to Curtis Hixon Park tonight and watch the Lightning take down the Blackhawks! The fun will begin at 6:00 p.m. and the game will begin at 7:00 p.m. The normal Lightning watch party will still be held at the Amalie Arena.

Don’t worry about making dinner! Food trucks will be available along with restaurants in the area such as Eddie & Sam’s Pizza and the Taco Bus.

Bring your camera to get photos with the Lightning girls and Lightning bug! For more information on all of the great Lightning Bolts events, check our their Facebook page.

Enjoy the game and please celebrate responsibly. If you go to either event, please share some of your pictures with our readers either here in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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Tampa Bay Lightning Game 2 Tonight!

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The Tampa Bay Lightning Game 2 in their quest for the Stanley Cup is tonight at Amalie Arena in Tampa! The puck gets dropped at 7:15 p.m., but before the game starts there a number of free events taking place around Tampa.

  • The City of Tampa will dye Garrison Channel, which is right behind Amalie Arena, blue at 5pm in honor of the Lightning. Then head across the street from Amalie Arena to Ferg’s for some loud music and drinks!
  • Ferg’s is having a watch party for the game in case you didn’t get tickets. There will be live music and 60 60inch televisions and 2 projection screens, so every you can watch the game at any spot in the bar.
  • You can park in Ybor City and take the TECO streetcar to Amalie Arena.  The streetcars will be running late tonight to help out with the crowds after the game ends.

The Blackhawks won the first game on Wednesday 2 to 1, but the Lightning always seem to do better when they are down.  Come out and support the home team!  If you know of other great places to watch the game, please share it with us.

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How to Have a Yard Sale Before Your PCS Move

yard sale

If a PCS move is in your future then a yard sale may also be in your future. Having a yard sale is hard work, but with a good plan you can be very successful. So how can you have a yard sale before your PCS move?


  • Pick a date. Research what day of the week seems to be the most successful for a yard sale in your neighborhood. When I lived in Michigan, Fridays were the best days. Here in Riverview it seems Saturdays are popular for yard sales.
  • Designate an area to store your “for sale” items. Sort like items together.
  • Price your items. If you have a lot of items to sell, you may only want to price the larger items. Clothing could be sold as everything is $1.00. If you have a question on the value of an item, Google it or take a look on Ebay .

Enlist help:

  • Ask neighbors if they would like to join you in your garage sale adventure.
  • Have family members to help man the tables or babysit little ones.
  • Have your children help out. They can have a mini bake sale or even sell their own toys.


  • Yard sale signs are a must! You may even want to add some balloons to your mailbox to attract more attention. Make sure you have signs on major roads, entrance to your subdivision, and on your street. Include address and time on sign.
  • Advertise. If your subdivision or base housing has a newsletter or yard sale Facebook page, make sure you share the date, time and address of your yard sale.
  • Change. Go to the bank and get some dollar bills along with a roll of quarters.
  • Plastic grocery bags. Give you customers something to carry their items home in. If things are slow you may even offer a “fill your bag” for a price sale.
  • Tables and tarps. If you do not have enough tables to display your items use tarps, blankets, or cardboard boxes to display items such as clothes and toys.

Along with your plan, help, and tools, you’ll want to make sure you display your items in a way that will attract “drive by’s” to stop and actually shop. You’ll also want to do your research on the rules for having a yard sale in your neighborhood or in base housing. Check to see if your neighborhood or base housing will be having a community yard sale that works with your PCS schedule.

Having a yard sale before your PCS move will help you check off the purge and organize box on your moving checklist. It may also put a few dollars in your pocket to help with PCS moving expenses. Good luck, and please share with our readers any wonderful yard sale tips you may have!

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